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    Cycle Suggestion. Please Help

    Looking at doing next cycle and would like some help at which one you'd prefer.
    Going with the DBol /Test/Deca or EQ vs Fina/Test Cycle

    Wks 1-4 30gm Dbol
    Weeks 1-10 500mg Test En
    Weeks 1-10 400mg Deca or EQ (?)
    Clomid Post cycle 300/100/50 2 Weeks after last inj.


    Wks 1-2 500mg Test
    Wks 3-8 Test @ 500mg/WK Tren @ 75mg EOD
    Wks 9-10 Tren @ 75mg EOD
    Clomid post cycle 300/100/50, 3 days after Last fina inj.

    Thanks for any and all comments!!

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    need stats, cycle history, etc

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    Aug 2002
    Two previous Cycles. One Test Only Cycle.
    The Other Test/Dbol , which I had pretty good gains from. Got to about 210, about a year ago.

    Currently around 195lbs at about 16% BF, 36YO, lifting for many years, go 3-4 week 2 on 1 off

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    I am currently doing on similar to the first one. The exception being 100 mg Test Prop eod wks1-4 instead of dbol . I am also going with the deca .

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