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    Xmas and spring break in Cancun-roids?

    I going to mexico twice this coming year. I never been before, flying direct from Canada to Cancun. Does anyone have the link to Canadian Customs rules on steroids and controlled substances (ie bromo, clomid). I know its not illegal to possess steroids in canada as long as the intention is not to sell. With that in mind is it wise to bring back the stuff on the plane or have it shipped to myself. I was planning on getting some EQ and maybe some sust. and forsure some clomid and bromo. Is clomid readily available, and if so anyone know its shelf name? Any you guys been to Cancun and recommend a good pharmacy/vet? Sorry for all the questions but I wanted to get some answers before doing anything stupid. Was thinking of bring back the pills in discarded containers (ie vitamin contaners).

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    Good question......I'm lookin at doin the same thing.....Hopefully someone can help us out....

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    The "Sostenon" (how its spelled in mexico) is readily avaliable in an 8$ redi-ject along with the Omifin (clomid) you can find on every street corner litteraly. the EQ you will have to go to a vet pharmacy. Give someone in the "La Pharmica" 10$ and they'll hook you up with directions to get all the EQ winni you want.

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    This is a big gray area in canada........
    Steroids are schedule IV drugs in canada, meaning they are drugs that are considered dangerous but are also used therapuetically. Simple possesion of schedule IV is not illegal in Canada but trafficking schedule IV drugs is illegal. Unforetunately the definition for trafficking is so broad... it basically means "to sell, administer, give, transfer, transport, send or deliver the substance".... so even if you're giving the drug to a friend (for free) they can still bust you for trafficking. Bringing roids into the country is also classified as trafficking, so if caught, they'll bust you for illegaly importing a schedule iv narcotic. and that's an indictible offence as far as i know.

    edit - it could also be treated as a summary offence but that's all up to the crown handling the case. it all depends on the circumstances under which you were busted. if you were caught with a small amount of gear they'd most likely treat it as summary and take your drugs and give you a fine.... but then again it's all up to them.
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