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Thread: When to inject?

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    When to inject?

    ok this might have been addressed before but I havent found any info on it

    when should you do your injection?

    is there a specific time of day that it effects the best or what?

    also if you have a workout planned should you inject before or after and why?
    The only thing I can come up with is to do it after for the fact that you might have muscle soreness and dont want that when you go to work out
    thank you for your help


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    It's totally up to you. I always inject in the morning, but I know Bro's who do it at night. Some people argue that you can spot inject to help lagging muscles along, but I have yet to see any impirical data that shows it is effective with your basic AAS oils. I will say that prop in the quads before working out for me is not bad unless it is atleast 12 hours later that I am working out. Then it hurts like a mutha'.

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    I usually do it before a workout.....but I've heard it really does not matter when u stick yourself...

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