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    Question holy S that was close

    what is your best holy S*&% story as far as almost getting busted.

    MINE: weak but its a start

    I was in matamorros (?) mex. right across the border from brownsville, tx. I bought 6 redijects of sust and a crapload of d-bol from a pharm for nothing. Well i decided to walk back across the border. My first two buds made it no prob, right in front of us was two mexicans followed by the four of us. the border patrol stopped everyone and asked us to step into a room. me and the two mexes on one bench the other three buds on the other. A COP walks in and ask my bud on the other bench to stand up. he does and they FRISK him. I mean FRISK him. nothing. another COP comes up the first mex and frisks him and finds $9900. When he finds this the room fills with customs/border patroll peeps. the next mex is searched and they find $8500. meanwhile my 3 buds are searched and clean. the feds are asking these mexes wherer they got the money and they say they are on a family vacation with their family who is waiting on the oter side of the border. More feds enter the room. one tells my buds, you can go,. as they walk by i hop up out (of my sweat pool). and follow them out the door past the other feds. to the tax window and then to the hotel for many holy sh!ts.

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    sounds good least u got your much u pay for all that anyways?

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    well, i have been busted before. but the closest i came to getting busted but got away:

    At a rave years ago. I had a handfull of acid dropped on sweet tarts. Cop saw me pull all this shit out of my pocket and came after me. I knew he was commin so i ate a few of them and was downin em by the time he got there. He grabbed my arms as his buddy went for the cuffs and said "what the hell do you have there!?!" "damn it aint nothin but candy...." -and i show him the sweet tarts...its relatively dark so he cant see the drops. he lets go and storms off. holy shit that was scary.

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    um... how was the trip?

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