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Thread: Clomid?

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    I am just about to start my 6 weeks of test prop. and anavar , and I was wondering if I should just take the clomid post cycle or if I should take something else with it?

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    Yes run clomid post cycle..... also use nolva durring PCT at 20mg.

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    G'day Heater,

    I think I remember your thread on how to increase your pitching speed and I reckon you made a good choice of gear - I'm just about to start a Test Cyp based cycle along with some Anavar and Winny throughout, and some Clomid to help keep the gains...

    I don't know when your season starts but just be careful with the Test' because it has around a 3 month clearance for a piss test.

    My cycle (to increase my lifts), is planned to run 16 weeks and I'm gunna' run the risk of maybe getting tested at the next 2 comps - I know I wouldn't be the first weightlifter to return a posititve test result -and I sure as hell won't be the last (if I get busted).

    Good luck with the cycle, and you should be throwing some real heat next season...

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