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Thread: Stanozolol

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    hi there..

    what about this cycle..

    first 12 weaks 150mg of winstrol 50 at fridays and 100 at mondays..
    then rest a month then kick another 12 weaks of 200mg of winstrol 100 at fridays and 100 at mondays..
    then every 4th weak i take one 200mg of deca nandrolone ..
    after the cycle is done i go on hcg 2500iu in 3 weaks rest in 3weaks and 2500iu in 3 weaks..
    then rest a month and i take clomid for 5 days rest a month then for 5days again..

    under the hcg i will take arimidex and have nolvadex just in case.
    under the stanozolol i'm gonna take ala.
    if the body say's no im gonna stop..
    what do you think of this?

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    I think you should write it where people can understand it

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    That has to be the strangest winny cycle i have seen?!

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    winstrol should be injected at ;east every other day......every day is preferred to keep a constant flow in the body since winstrol's lifespan in the body is pretty short....something like 8-12 hrs.....

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