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    Been supressed with a cycle that was a year ago

    Did a cycle last summer and didnt recover properly from it (deca win), didnt do a proper post cycle therapy either... just a bit of clomid, but not enough Been down down down in everything eversince (left the country for a year).

    Put together some information and currently trying out a recovery process. Here's what I'm using.

    HCG : weeks 1&2 for a total of 12500ui
    Nolvadex : weeks 1-4 @20mg ed, weeks 5&6 @ 10mg
    Clomid: weeks 2&3 @ 100mg ed, weeks 5&6 @ 50mg
    Cabergoline: weeks 1-6 @ 0.5mg e5d

    I've got a box of Arimidex lying around but don´t really know how it has to be used for recovery in my case.

    Cabergoline, I´m going to go for 0.5mg e5d. I think it will be a good enough dosage. I've heard conflictin coments on cabergoline with people saying bad thing about it for recover, although almost everybody agrees it benefits recovery through prolactin suppression. What interactions will I have to expect from the cabergoline piracetam combination, hope I adapt to it better than with piracetam and bromocriptine wich I hated.

    Anyway any recomendations and support welcome

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    that sounds like a bit much, go ask your doctor what he thinks

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    CutieFace Guest
    Why don't you get yourself tested by the could've been borderline low test levels and w/ the neve know...


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    Have you had blood work? How old are you?

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    It´s the deca that fucked you over. Thats one of the reasons im going to stay away from deca.
    Im with the rest of the crew, check your levels.

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    CutieFace Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by palme
    It´s the deca that fucked you over. Thats one of the reasons im going to stay away from deca.
    Im with the rest of the crew, check your levels.

    deca is a mainstay in many cycles w/ no problems afterwards....there are other medical issues he could have which could be causing his problems....


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    deca +not test+ no pct =guaranteed problems

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    I think you may be able to capitolize on your condition by having your Test level checked...if its below normal, then you could ask for HRT. And dont mention that your a BB'er to the doc, if he/she asks if you work out...say "When I can"



    BTW I'm on HRT.

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