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    my gains naturally thus far and a proposed cycle.

    Hi , this is my first post here, but i have checked out the site a few times.
    I have begun training again in the past 3 months after a longg layoff, i am happy with my gains naturally, i have put on around 20 pounds, some fat most muscle in those past 3 months . I am 5'11 and weigh just on 200 pounds. My training partner and friend has used gear before and is asking me if i wish to do some sustanon maybe 250 one shot a week , he gets it from a doctor and its fuckin cheap if it is possible to answer,,, my question is ,,, with a dose such as that is it likely to , A: have any desired effects at all ? and b: what side efefcts can i prepare myself to experience , he told me what he experienced , but i realise everyones different , and i would like some other opinions from poepel who have used this stuff , what is your thoughts if any on doing this ? or should until i reach my potential naturally. any thoughts would be appreciated greatly .

    Sincerly ,

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    Bro first of all how old are you?
    2nd: Don't listen to your asshole "friend".
    250mgs of sus a week will do little if anything at all for you.
    Listen to us as far as cycle advice goes, just take a seat here and learn (start w/ the edu forums)
    Welcome to the board :-)

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    Jimmy...most bro's in here say for a first cycle, test is the king of the road, but u should try to aim for about 400 mg per week....try to get it in 2 injections to keep the bloodstream constant throughout the week. Also, u might want to train for awile longer to reach your full potential before u try any "gear"....thats just my opinion, see what the other bro's have to say.

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    I agree with Baraso. Don't listen to your friend, most likely they are just a gym rat with no real knowledge on anabolics. Stick around here for a little while and you'll have some people willing to assist you.

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    Mbaraso,Somedude247,Calipso, thanks for your reply's . I just turned 29. i think i'll train a whiles longer naturally, whilst i read all i can up on this subject.
    thanks again ,

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    excellent choice my friend. best place to start is the educational forums. read em all. then hit up the drug profiles on the mainpage. members cycle results is another great forum. you will learn more than you thought possible if you stick around. enjoy

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    Swellin Guest
    I would parrot the responses you have already gotten. I would recommend that you wait at the very least another 12-18 months, and get what you can naturally. You could go a lot longer than I mentioned, and it would be better. I made some of my best progress ever in my 28-30 years. Maybe it was due to learning more about how to exercise and how to eat.

    If you hang out here for the next year or two, and research and will be way ahead of the curve when you decide to take the plunge. The folks on here really know their stuff, and are willing to help a brother out.

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