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    Using a p.o. box at the local post office, is this a safe source to have steriods delivered....? Im in and living in a military barracks, so having it delivered to my doorstep is unquestionable....

    secondly, im skeptical as to purchasing a so called "pharmacy directory" in that I dont want to waist my money, does anyone have any info on how legit these books are.... thanks..

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    po boxs are just as safe as having them delivered to your house.

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    Having gear delivered in the mail is always a risky choice.....

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    I have a PO Box under my own name, and I get my gear sent to me under a different name to that PO Box.

    I mark it "Not known at this address" as soon as I get back to the car and leave it unopened for a couple of days. This might help I reckon if I ever got a 'knock on the front door'...

    As far as a 'guide book' for online pharmacies, I would reckon that anyone who is openly advertising the fact (to the entire world online), that they can either provide you with juice, OR tell you who can is to be treated with a decent amount of suspicion.

    If you need a source checked out; PM a mod or vet.

    Rock on...

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Don't waste ur money on that book.

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