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    precipitating testosterone

    hey guys,
    my buddy just did a cycle of test enanthate only, only gained about 8 8bs in 10weeks. Hes questioning weather or not the gear is legit. He gave me a mL of the golden triangle enanthate he had left over. So last nite i just wanted to see if any of the test would precipitate out of the solution in the freezer(yes i know its very innaccurate) it didnt freeze which is good but it also didnt become cloudy at all. Well its the weekend and i dont have access to my chemisty lab till monday. Right now im looking through all my old chemistry books(im in college) trying ot figure out how to precipitate out any of the test. Im just trying to precipitate out a little bit them maybe centrifuge it down at like 3500 just to see if there is any test in there at all. OK now im just rambling but if anyone has any ideas please share.

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    Take about 1ml

    Add about 10ml Solvent of choice.

    Add about 50ml of cold water.

    There ya go.

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