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    Exclamation Need help with first cycle please...

    Hi all, ive been lifting for about a year and a half now.. im 20 years old. I have recently decieded that im going to do a cycle probably in a few more months.. Just trying to figure out which is best for me. Im 165lbs.. id say about 12-15% bodyfat. I had been looking at the Novice Cycles on the non-forum part of this site and I think the Deca +Sust combination seems like it would give me the results im looking for (+20-30lbs). Now the cycle of Sust+Deca I was thinking about goes as the following..

    Week 1: DECA-DUR/400MG SUSTANON /250MG
    Week 2: DECA-DUR/400MG SUSTANON/250MG
    Week 3: DECA-DUR/400MG SUSTANON/250MG
    Week 4: DECA-DUR/400MG SUSTANON/250MG
    Week 5: DECA-DUR/400MG
    Week 6: DECA-DUR/400MG
    Week 7: DECA-DUR/400MG
    Week 8: DECA-DUR/400MG

    Now the injection info on this site states that one should not inject more than 2cc per day. The largest I have seen Deca in was 200mg/Ml. So i would have to inject 2cc's of Deca (each 200mg), and then one CC of Sust250. That would be 3cc's in one day, more than is recommened. My question basically is.. Do i have to administer the Deca and Sust in the same day. Or could i say inject Deca on Monday, and Sust on thursday? Also I didnt see anything mentioned about anti-estrogens regarding this stack, what anti-estrogens should i be using, and when should they be incorperated into this stack and at what dosage. Also do you guys think this would be a good first stack for me? Once again im 20 years old.. beein lifting for about 1 year and a half.. and have approx 12-15% bodyfat... and weigh 165. 5' 8". Thanks for all your help this site is great.

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    im just gonna tell you what the other expierenced guys are gonna say

    1. you are too young
    2. its ok to inject more then 2 cc per injection
    3. run the sust for atleast 8 weeks at more then 250mg per week, 500mg optimal
    4. inject sust atleast twice a week because of the short half-life
    5. what about PCT?

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    you need to hit the search button, its the very powerfull button in the top right hand corner. you are young but if you are going to do it i would recomend you getting your cycle together by looking at bros first cycles in the forums. they are alot better than the ones you will find in the sample cycles.

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    bro...take this and research a single estered test. Start off with a longer ester test. cyp. or enan. study these a little bit and come back with an idea of what you want to run. I highly recommend a single estered test only cycle for the first one. also the main page is pretty outdated.

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    Wait 4 years


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    Yeah johnnyB says it good. That is one of the worst proposed cycles I have ever seen. About as bad as dbol and creatine stacks. Well actually that was a lot worse.

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    hmm.. you need to change you cycle if you are going to do it!
    More sust etc.. The bro's here has some good tip for you

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