what up bros. ive been gone for awhile but missed you guys. anyway i started another cycle last Mon so today is the 6th day. Im running t400 at 2cc's a week. SYD Eq at 2cc's a week and bout 35mg thai dbol . Everything was fine until yesterday. I went to the gym and i started feeling like shit. I got home, downed a shake, and feel asleep. I woke up with in a deep sweat with the biggest headache and stomach ache. I tried to eat but didnt really have an appetite. Then later on around 10pm i ate some steak with a bowl of salad will watching the olympia. Everything was fine. I feel asleep later that nite, but woke up aroung 4am in a sweat again. I hoped in the shower, and while i was in there i puked up the steak and salad i ate. Now today ive had the worst stomach ache again, and havent eaten anything but some soup and 7up. Do you think my pains are from the Dbols or i got a little stomach flu. What should I do?????