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    Please Help!!!!!!

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on this board. I am planning a second cycle and was hoping for some advice. My last cycle was about a year ago. I am currently 5'8" @ 155lbs and 29 yrs old. My diet is o.k, but could be better. Around 3000cal/day. Here is the list of the gear I have.

    16 x 1ml/amps Omnidren
    2 x 10ml/200mg QV Equpoise
    1 x 50ml/100mg ValoPharm Fina Gold (? Have read its all 37ml/mg)

    How would you cycle these at my size?
    Which gear should I cycle?
    How should I cycle them?

    I have read that fina is more of an intermediate drug. Is it to early?
    Please Help!

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    First you need to diet right and get your weight up naturally, when you do get your weight up and are ready for a cycle, buy some more test. Then do some research on this board and propose a cycle and we will fine tune it for you, ok bro?
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    I'm not so sure about equipoise stacked with fina. Others can post on that subject. Omnidren, ANTI-E before you start, period. Bromo will fight fina gyno. as far as your cycle goes, get more fina and eq,you have enough fina for 25 days at 75/mg eod. and enough eq fro 400mg/wk for 5 weeks. I'd maybe get 4 more amps of omni to make it a clean 10 week cycle. the last 8 being with fina 50-75mg/eod to start off


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    What was your first cycle?


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    1 x 50ml/100mg ValoPharm Fina Gold (? Have read its all 37ml/mg)

    you heard 37?lol i heard 33? whats the deal

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