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    post cycle question

    I took my last shot of sus about 4 weeks ago now and I'm mid way through my pct. I made good strength gains which have not tailed off at all which I'm pleased about (30lbs bench 30lbs dead 20 lbs shoulder press). But the problem is after my last couple of workouts especially chest and back I'm getting a dull acheing pain in both elbows. Can clomid cause this? Or is it just pain from the extra workload week after week? I don't want to start lifting lighter weights, but then again I don't want to put meself out of the game for weeks on end if it gets worse. Any suggestions???


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    I go thru that as well being a hockey player and not wearing elbow pads during my younger years I screwed my elbows. Mine hurt so bad I would not be able to bend my elbow for a day. I started taking 2000 mg of glucosamine/msn twice a day for a month then took it down to 1000mg twice a day. Also get an flexable elbow brace. That will help your elbow stay on the right track. The pain might never do all the way away but this method will help.

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    How long have you been training before you started using AAS? I ask cause this is a pretty common thing. Elbow and shoulder pain is something you learn to avoid through the years of natural training via proper stretching and warm up sets. If you are using harmful techniques - adding AAS will only make a problem that was developing much worse.

    Now there is a rare condition that the use of AAS can cause the muscle to out grow the connective tissue - and more or less choke the tendons/ligaments.

    I would certainly refrain from using any more gear until you strengthen up your connective tissue some more and learn new techniques to help keep this problem from getting much worse. As your strength increases so does the chance of injury. And injury should be looked at in a preventative approach rather than symptomatic... if you let it got too far - it can be very hard to get rid of without detraining altogether (time off).

    As a natural bodybuilder I had devleoped some severe elbow pain and shoulder pain that hurt so bad outside the gym that I had a hard time turning off the light at night. I was hospitalized on Prednisone (for another reason) and after a month of that with no training - I was thankfully back to no pain, at the expense of a lot of muscle wasting from the corticosteroid (very frusterating). But I learned what I was doing wrong and made corrections. The two biggest contributing factors I found were: working in my lateral plain with behind the neck presses, and not using enough warm up sets on tricep extensions.

    Personally, I have to warm up my elbows a lot. Get that blood localized and the joints warm before going to heavy otherwise the pain is more severe... and can manifest itself outside the gym. Sometimes I will wave load on tricep extensions for a real productive warm up before going real heavy (for example: 90, 115, 125, 135, 115, 125, 135, 155, 165).

    On Bench Press, aside from a good warm up, if I find that my elbows and shoulders are getting too aggrevated - many times it is becasue I grabbed the bar too wide. In the bottom position your upper arms should be paralell to the floor and your lower arms should be perpendicular.

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