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Thread: it's alive!!!!

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    it's alive!!!!

    made a post about a week or two ago asking if being on a cycle was the reason for my one or two sexual dysfunctions i had experienced recently. (for those of you who read it you know what i mean, for others i was having trouble finishing or staying up). well, thought it was cuz of the steroids and u guys said it definately wasn't.

    so today i had sex again since the second time it happened (this time with a different chic than the bad experiences) and everything went as it was supposed to. thanks to you guys i wasn't all worried about the whole thing cuz i wasn't focused on thinking about how the roids effect it.. etc etc. just wanted to say thanks.. and I'M BACK BABY!

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    ....nice work....

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    i've had some issues during PCT with that....turned out it was mostly in my mind....good to have an understanding girl in the process.....i feel u bro.

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    Of course, sometimes you play better on a different field. Nothing like new turf to help your game.

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