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    just about to start my second cycle deca ,sus,d/bol i also wanna throw into the cycle clenbuterol .
    where into the cycle do i start with them and how much for how long?
    another problem i made good gains after my first cycle on a diet of around 5,000
    cals using the diet from this web site but it has also given me a fat gut??????
    i do not drink or eat any shit so how do i beat the gut?

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    If you put on fat with that diet then it was too may calories for you. Granted when you bulk you will put on some fat but putting on a gut is too much IMO. To get rid of the gut you need to change your diet and do cardio.

    Here's a basic cycle........... I don't know how much gear you have:

    1 - 4 dbol 25mg ED
    1 - 10 SUS 500to 750 mg a week inject EOD
    1 - 10 Deca 400mg
    1 - up to PCT Nolva 10mg ED
    Clen run durring PCT to help with energy levels 2 weeks clen / 2 weeks ECA

    PCT will start 3 weeks after last injection and run for 4 weeks Clomid 300/100/50 and Nolva 20mg ED

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    solid advice from Mud

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