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    Need help with sustanon cycle

    Initially i had decided to go with a sustanon only cycle for 10 weeks and follow it with a good PCT: Clomi, Nolvadex , HCG . Now I am not so sure. Everyone in this borad throws some EQ on their first cycle and are using Test en. instead of Sustanon. I already have sustanon on hand so I am unsure as to what I should stack it with. I wanna get to 190-195 and drop to 185 after the cycle.
    Here are my stats:1.5 year lifting, 163lbs, 6-8% body fat (I think).

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    A high calorie diet will do a lot more for you right now than any steroid . Don't want to sound like a preacher here but a year of lifting is way to soon to begin taking aas. Be patient man...keep hitting the weights hard and learning the proper ways to put mass naturally with the right foods. I can promise you the majority of the people on this board will tell you to ride out the natural gains for as long as possible and once diet and training are in order you can start juicing.

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    Sustanon is just as good as test enathate it only has a longer half life...If you could run eq with test that would be a good cycle...You can stack test with everything and get great results...My fav is test, deca , dbol ...Great cycle

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    Run the sust @ 500mg/wk for a first cycle no need to add anything else.

    Keep the nolva on hand for any estrogen related sides or you can even run it at 10mg/ed throughout the cycle and pct.

    No need for hcg with this cycle the nolva and clomid will be fine.


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    Bro... I've done a sust cycle... It makes your bloodlevels unstable... unless you inj. EOD!!! I would rather do a test E cycle... but you can run it alone or stack it with deca or EQ! A good combo!!!

    Anyway... sust may do wonders to you, unlike me!

    Good luck bro!

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