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    Question Help to a first time AS user please?

    Stanazol and Diandol or Stana and Deca , or Stana and Sust 250 New cycle can you help?

    I am looking for the best AND SAFEST STACK! For a newbie who is after sufficient gains but not too much water retention. Also to be honest with ya, I wouldn’t mind having only one injectable drug and the others oral.. Yes I hate needles! And I also will be injecting my self for a majority of the times. OUCH for the unexperienced!

    In Australia Summer is coming, so I do not want a roid that will have a lot of water retention. So I was thinking STANAZOL because it does not hold water and also does not covert to estrogen so therefore is considered safer. One thing though, how do you combat joint pain which is a side effect of stana?

    With the research I was thinking STANZAZOL injectable every second day on a low dose going up slowly to more mg, and then tapering off at the end, what mg and how should I set this tapper? And at what dose for a newbie?

    I was thinking of stacking DIANDOL tabs with this, again starting at 2 tabs a day then going slowly up to 6 and tapering off, is DIANADOL the best stack with STANA for a newbie or should I use something else with STANA which is my preferred drug, maybe DECA? Although I have herd DECA has high water retention.

    The cycle I was thinking would be a 2 month cycle in total, is this enough? I am also getting some NOVALDEX just in case I get itchy chest which is the first sign of growing breasts right? At the end of the cycle I will use CLOMID for a week or two until my natural test stores come back on line, also getting some PROVIRON from the doctor to get my balls back in shape with the CLOMID... Again do you stack PROVIRON and CLOMID together on a recovery session? Do you need both?

    I weigh 75 kg currently, am 5 foot 5, and arms are about 16 and half inches, I live in Australia my body fat is about 15 percent.

    Basically for the last 3 years I have been dedicated to training, with diet and train 5-6 days a week I have stayed “natural” my whole life, but now find I have hit a plateau that is very hard to break. Basically I want my legs and biceps to GROW! It seems no matter what I do they look small in comparison to my very large natural chest, back and shoulders.

    Also I find it very hard to cut up when summer comes around, I am by far an “ecto”, probably somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Basically I do the cardio, diet weights and I do slim up, my legs are first to lean up, then my shoulders and traps but always there is a little flab on my belly... I find it really hard to get the 6 pack that I oh so want.

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    Just reading this thread it is obvious you don't have a clue. I really don't even know where to begin with that thread in giving advice out.

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    Neither of those combo's look any good for a first stack. Do me a favor read around on this board for a couple months and if you need any help you can PM me I'd be happy to help. Just make you you learn all you need to know about anabolics before you rush into a stack.

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