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    Cytomel/Clen Cycle help

    I've been looking into doing a cycle of Clen , Cytomel or both to get cut up. I've just come off a test prop cycle, what would be a good idea for losing some of the excess weight I gained. I've been reading that Clen is a "safer" idea than cytomel and exhibits anabolic properties for the first 18 days. Cytomel seems to be more effective, however I’m worried about breakingdown muscle tissue. Would using Clen and Cytomel together prevent the breakdown? Any advice ?

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    I wouldnt run t3 without atleast a small dose of anabolics in my system. I read on one of the boards a couple of days ago that the only way clen can show anabolic properties is if you are taking an ungodly amount.

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    No............... cytomel will eat some muscle or could eat lots of muscle. You need to run at least low doses of AS while running T3 to help perserve muscle.

    I don't know if you seen the post by CYCLEON...... It's a good read if you haven't

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    Thanks guys, I think for now i'll just stick with doing a cycle of Clen . Maybe my next cycle (thinking maybe a test or winny cycle with Cytomel ) i'll use T3.

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    t3 is very good fat burner, when dieting this past summer for comps i went from 21.23% to 10.12% bf is just 6 weeks and by week 12 i was way lower.. but i only ran t3 for 6 weeks. i didnt taper just started at 100 mcg for 3 weeks then went down to 75 mcg week 4, 50 mcg week 5, 25 mcg week 6, then off week 7 - 12. with the t3 i ran 100 mg test prop/ed and 5 iu slin.

    for u this is what i propose:

    week 1 - 8: 50 - 100 mg test prop or 50 - 100 mg winny
    (i prefer test prop)
    week 1: 25 mcg t3 + 50 mcg clen
    week 2: 50 mcg t3 + 75 mcg clen
    week 3: 100 mcg t3 off clen/or ECA
    week 4: 100 mcg t3 75 mcg clen
    week 5: 50 mcg t3 100 mcg clen
    week 6: 25 mcg t3 off clen
    week 7: 12.5 mcg t3(optional, good to be sure thyroid is working)/ or off completely
    week 8: just cruise with the test and get ready to recover.

    u should be able to make a full HPTA recovery wit hjust clomid. if u wanna stay hard while cutting then use novaldex at 20 mg/ed, i just think nolva keeps people looking hard u can also use liquidex.

    dont take my word for this. be your own expert, research this board, especially the educational forums i think cycleon made a good guide for t3. also the old has great articles on clen/t3 stacking, somewhere in their archives !

    oh, contrary to what people say T3 CAN CAUSE SERIOUS METABOLIC DISORDERS. trust me i know pople who use excessive doses of t3 for long periods and found out they would need to take t3 and TSH for the rest of their lives. imagine eating a salad and getting fat ! play it safe !
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