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Thread: help with shot

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    help with shot

    last night i did my 6 shot in the glute. i have always had problems doing it on the left side. last night idid it in the left side but half way in my entire left glute jumped, so i stopped them pushed in it a littls more and it started jumping really fast after that. i pulled it out and shot on the right side. what the hell happen? it never jumped like that before. can someone tell me what i did wrong or why it did it.

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    nerve bro, happens from time to time. Sometimes you can adjust the needle a bit, and sometimes, you have to shoot a new spot.

    Did you switch needles when you re-shot

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    Sounds like you kit a nerve, but you didnt mention any pain. So it probably wasnt the sciatic. I wouldnt worry much about it, unles you still are getting the twitching. Are you shooting in the outer upper quadrant of the glute? Check out Try to keep a mental note on where exactly you did that left shot, and try not to shoot there again.


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    same shit has happened to me before bro...only when i did it, the contraction basically shot the needle right out of my ass...either that or (more likely) i pulled it out...but it happened so fast and freaked me out...i wasn't sure...

    sounds like you just hit a long as you don't have lingering effects you'll be fine...i wouldn't have suggested trying to push through it like you did time, pick a new spot and try again, rather than trying to continue deeper

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    Hit a nerve bro. Happens to all of us. Once you feel that just slightly retract the needle, but don't pull it out. Then redirect and try again.

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