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Thread: Cycle question

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    Cycle question

    Hey guys,

    Im new to the board...have a question for some of the experts out there.

    I have not been lifting seriously in about 2 years. Before that I worked at Worlds Gym and worked out everyday. I have done about 4 cycles in that time, mostly using D-bol, and Deca , some cyp. I had great size ( 6' and 235 @8%), but since I have not lifted in so long all that hard earned mass has turned to crisco and grease. Im considering doing a mass cycle to help put on some lean muscle.
    Here is what im considering:
    Week 1: Dbol (5mg x4tabs/day)
    week 2: dbol (5mg x 5tabs/day)
    week 3: dbol (5mg x 6tabs/day) & sustanon (250mg x 1amp)
    week 4: sustanon (250mg x 1amp/week)
    week 5: sustanon (250mg x 2amp/week) & win (2mg x 5tabs/day)
    week 6: win (2mg x 5tabs/day)
    week 7: win (2mg x 6 tabs/day) & primo (1oomg x 1amp/week)
    week 8: primo (100mg x 2amps/week)
    week 9: primo ( 100mg x 2amps/week) & deca (200mg x 1vial/week)
    week 10: deca (200mg x 2vials /week)
    week 11: deca (200mg x 2vials/week)
    week 12: deca (200mg x 1vial/week)
    week 13: HCG ( 5000I.U x 1 vial/week)
    week 14: HCG ( 5000 I.U x 1 vial/week)

    Let me know what you think of this. Im just looking to start over and put on some solid mass and hopefully reduce my BF with some cardio along the way.

    Feel free to email me or PM me..


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    try this
    dbol 30-50 mg ed wk 1-4
    sus @500 mg wk 1-8
    deca 400 mg wk 1-8
    primo 300 mg wk 9-11
    lose the hgc and get clomid and run it @300 mg day 1,100 mg for 10 days,50 mg for 10 days (36 tabs)

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    exactly what 4plates said...

    don't expect any gains with the cycle u posted... the cycle should look like what 4plates wrote.

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    thanks just easing my way back into it. but your way does make more sense.

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