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    Question vials? Need Help

    im confused with all the different viles n stuff? if im doin 500mg test weekly for 10-12weeks, wut kinda vial shud i get? in india i had these lil glass viles of test enan, n the top part wuz hollow. ne idea wat size they were? they were prolly one use vials rite? the ones where u snap off the top. also, the ones that r bigger and re-usable, wut size r those? i dont get the IU thing and milligrams cuz ive never done it b4, n i dont kno the markings on the syringes. can i get sum help guys? thanks

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    the smaller ones you are referring to are called amps....there are probably some good threads in the educational forum that you will want to read

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    there's amps - usually have 1 or 2 cc's
    there's vials / bottles - usually have 10 cc's, some have 20, some things have 30

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