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    first time gh, need help

    Im 24 yrs old, 6'3,200 lbs, 10%bf, i just purchased 2 kits of gh, 126iu each,an access to more if needed. I need any an all info on the dosage, time to take , where to inject, Ive read a lot about gh but i never talked to anyone who has done it , so i would appreciate any info,


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    I use 4ius 6 on 1 off,pinch the fat on your stomach and inject.Big arguments on when to take HGH.I take it in the morning,some take after workout,and some fools take it at night before bed,which is not neccesary since you release HGH while sleeping.just my .02

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    Well, I do 2iu's ED. I have gotten VERY lean from it. You will definitely need a couple of more kits.

    Here is a great site on GH. it shows you how to mix it. VERY Important..

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