whats up guys. just to give u a brief background i was really realy fat 4 years ago 6'0 280lbs . i managed to loose weight at first by starvation and then i got into working out and all and have gained a lot of knowledge in nutrition and supplements. for the past 2 years i worked hard in the gym and watched my diet . i took eca's and clen and now im taking winstrol tabs with eca. by the end of nov im hoping to be at around 19%bf 215lbs. iv been dieting for a long while now and want to take a break from fat burners and all for a a month. however in that month i want to make some gains also. my plan was to start taking Primobolan depot starting nov 27 till dec 27 and then add some T3 to the mix after that so ill be taking t3 and primobolan togather, my aim is still to cut and loose as much body fat as posible. what do u guys think of that ? if i take primobolan by t self for a month and maintain a low calorie diet will i be seeing results? and if yes what kind of results . do u suggest anything else givin that i never tried any injectable steroid before and this will be the forst time and i wasnt to use the safest thing which seems to me to be primobolan. i dont want to get big i already have a lare frame just cut as much as possible. i hope u guys can help out
sorry for the long post