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  1. hey guys can I get some info

    Hey guys I just registered and I was wondering if I could get some reassurance. I started my first cycle 2 weeks ago
    1 Deca 200
    2 Deca 300
    3 Deca 200 so far this week, will do another 200 and continue w/ 400 per wk. for 8 wks.
    primo 200 for the last 4

    I know this isn't much but I didnt want to go too far my 1st time. I'm pretty sure its real gear, but I don't feel much yet, is that normal? I had some restlessness at night for the first few days, was it from the deca or was it in my head? I also had some trouble concentrating in class, normal?

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    Well it's only been 2 weeks............. we need some stats: age, weight, height, cycle experiance

    IMO this cycle isn't good at all bro

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    Not a good cycle and the deca wont kick in for about another 2 weeks maybe more.

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    Not a very good cycle you got going there bro.

  5. tell me what works

    too bad for me my cycle sucks! I'm 5'11 218lb about 12% bf. I've put on 5 lb since I started, but its probably just the bump up in my diet. I'm a broke college kid so tell me what works best for the money

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