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    what is the best way for self injections in your glute

    ok ive got my cycle, diet, and training all laid out, but the only thing im not sure of is injecting in my glute. i have a slin needle and pretend to inject myself with it (to kind of practice if you know what i mean) it seems easy, but i find it kind of hard to hold it steady and reach my other arm around to aspirate . i thought about having someone else do it, but i dont think i trust another person injecting me. if you guys have any suggestions please tell me your techniques for injecting yourself in the glutes.


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    well if you're using a 1.5" pin it will hold itself in place if you let go of you shouldn't need two like if im injecting my right glute i stick the pin in all the way with my right and then let go for a second....the pin will not move so dont worry...thenwith my right hand pull the stopper back while holding the base of the syringe....when there is no blood.....inject....not a whole lot too it really....good luck

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    902 - check this site for other possible injection areas if your still unsure of glute injections.

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    tape it to a wall, and back up

    Seriously, spotinjections .com will fill you in on all the steps

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