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Thread: age of users

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    age of users

    Well,This was great,I make my first post.Looking for some good answers.On a site that I thought had some promise,and find my self inbetween a battle of idiots! (not all,sorry to offend) I am new here and dont think I should say much on my opinion,but this is fucking stupid! as for pb he is a ass,and for those who even acknowledge his comments with a answer,are doing yourselfs a great injustice.and giving him a voice! Now with that said does anyone know the answer to, people in the 35 and over range,how steroid use affects them! and I thank you all who came back with a real answer!

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    don't worry about PB. he started out by asking if he was too young (and he is) AFTER he started a cycle. Bro, 35 is a decent age, assuming you know what you are doing. Young and old can cause problems (as you probably know). Maybe i missed a previous thread, but how old are you (assuming the older range)?

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