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Thread: gettin cut

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    gettin cut

    Whats up fellas oh! and ladies

    I gotta ask this even though it very well may be a stupid question. I am right now on Bodyopus and am 5 weeks in. I've been taking ephedra products for the entire time. But I've been wondering about useing some clen 2 weeks on 2 off with eca. I've got 150 .02mg clens how many do I start with because I was thinking that .02 was 2 mcgs am I right.

    any help would be appreciated

    I'm also gonna do a cycle of test cyp 500mgs a week for 10 wks at the end of my diet when I'm a little lower in the bodyfat range right now I'm probably 15-17% at 225

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    .02 mg is 20mcg.

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    bodyopus diet ? gthe one by old man duchaine ... ?

    anyways, taper clen up since its ur first time. go to the educational threads and look up clenbuterol handbook !

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