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    Prop Winny Anavar 2nd cycle

    Hi, i would like that you critic my cycle.

    Here are my stats : Been training for 5 years 210 lbs 10% bf aprox. 5'9" This is going to be my second cycle, first one was d-bol 30 mg day and enanthat 500mg week. I am mostly looking for strengh and getting bigger without adding much weight.. This was going to be an oral cycle only but most of my reading here made me change my opinion. So here it goes..

    125 mg prop every o/d for 8 weeks
    50 mg winny tabs e/d for 8 weeks
    20 mg anavar e/d for 8 weeks

    I follow right now a 3000 cal. diet that consist of eating 5 time a day 60 protein 90 carbs morning and dinner then pre and post workout of 140 simple carbs and 50 protein and finish the day with 50 protein and 30 complex carbs. Olive oil 3 spoon spread in the day + fat in lean meat skim milk.. 1% cottage cheese and stuff like that..
    Will that diet make it or i should bump this higher?
    And will i need creatine twice a day with anavar?
    Thank you very much your help and support is always appreciated.

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    hey aguro, im not the biggest fan of that cycle but it will work for you. ill tell u why in a sec but first:

    1.if u want u can increase ur test to 600 mg. i think it is best to increase the test on every consecutive cycle to keep u gaining strength and weight. some bros like to run the same dosage again, if u want to u can thats fine.

    2. a 3000 cal diet wont make the cut when bulking. i think u should get a minimum of 4000 cals.

    3. i dont know much about var, but i dont think u should run winny for 8 weeks. maybe for the last 4 weeks but not for 8. winny, imho, drys ur joints out and creates more friction decreasing ur strength. i would elimiate the winny completely if i were u.

    4. IF U WANT STRENGTH I WOULD DEFINITELY USE TREN ! do some research on it, i think it is just what u are looking for !

    good luck !

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