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    trying to rehab and lean out...

    I'm just now starting to work out after a two year layoff. I injured a shoulder and never got it back in shape.

    I don't want to gain any weight initially, infact I'd be happy to lose weight overall. I've seen that winny is a great cutting agent, but it seems like it'll cause my shoulder even more problems. Deca seems best for the joint, but will not cut me up and will probably add weight. Also, I've already started losing hair (I'm in my early thirties and am about to start taking propecia) and don't want to accelerate the hair loss...which this site says that winny will do. What would work best for me overall? Will the propecia counter the hair loss the juice causes or just the natural loss?

    My basic goals are:
    I'm 6'0 220 lbs at about 20-25% body fat. I'd like the body fat under 10% and the weight can be anywhere from 205-225. I have been relatively large and cut before so I can have a pretty good change without raising too many eyebrows but don't want it to be obvious that I'm on something right away. I would like some good strength gains, but nothing super natural I'd just like to get back to where I used to be quicker. Right now my strength is really inconsistent and the gains are unpredictable.
    Thanks for helping out the newbie!

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    Living in Dallas just wait until June and start jogging. I am serious, nothing shreds fat and will slowly cut you up then old fashioned jogging. Even better you know what bleachers are? Go to your local football field and start at one end of the track and run up one side of the bleachers, across and back down. You do this in 105 temp with 90% humidity and I promise results. Its tough to get started but after a couple of weeks you'll be loving it.

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