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    Question first cycle advice please!!!!!!!!

    hi guys!
    first of all thanks for being around this forum cos i learned alot and i think im ready for my first cycle.
    im 24 215lbs 6'2" 15%bf 3 yrs pumping iron i eat clean[high protien,moderate carb and low fat deit].
    im thinking of doing this cycle;
    sustanon 1-10wks 500mg[250 mon-250 thurs]
    equipose 1-10 wks 400mg[200 mon-200 thurs]
    d-bol 20mg ed 1-4 wks
    nolva 20mg eod
    post cycle clomid 3 weeks after last shot
    300mg day 1
    100mg next 10days
    50mg next 10 days.
    let me know what do u guys think.

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    Cycle is not bad................. but you need to at least inject SUS E3D or EOD (better) and sine you are using EQ you need to extend the cycle to 12 weeks. EQ needs to be ran minimum 12 weeks to see decent results. The d-bol you need to bump up as well. You have the PCT part down. The only thing is I would run 20mg of nolva in PCT with the clomid as well

    1 - 4 D-Bol 30mg ED
    1 - 12 SUS 500mg a Week inj E3D or EOD (Split the amount of SUS over the inj.)
    1 - 12 EQ 400mg [200 mon-200 thurs]
    1 - 15 Nolva 10mg ED
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