wanted some help putting a cycle together.

i currently have

250mg/ml testoviron ------------got 30+ amp
250mg/ml Sust -----------------got 15 amp but can get more
proviron 25mg tabs -------------got 600 tabs
nolvadex 10mg tabs ------------got 400 tabs
clenbutrol 0.4 tabs -------------got 18 tabs and can get pleant 0.2 ones
winny 50mg tabs ---------------got 30 tabs
anadrol 50 tabs ----------------got 21 tab

what is the best cycle i can make out of this.

i can also get hold of eq.

wanted to run the nolv and proviron to keep water to low and also keep gyno at bay. wont mind running this for a long period as i got pleanty of it.

got some clomid for after theropy but not alot of it and wonder if nolv will help insted of using clomid.

so what would be the best stack to make out of this. dont mind using everything in list but not to bothered if things are left out.

my stats are, 5'11, 216lbs, about 15%bf. training for 4 yrs+ done a few cycles already.

my diet is not very healthy but am working on it loads at the moment.