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    when should i start nolv??

    This is the start of my 4th wk of sust.....500mg/wk....i just got some liquid clomid and nolv. . .should i start the nolv today?? Im also starting winny wk 6 for a total of 5 wks. . .so the main question is should i start the nolv today? and how much. .. 20mg/day?

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    I've just started my cycle today and i'll be running nolvadex at 10mg every day until the end of my PCT.

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    I'm entering my fourth week (T-only), and I took 10mg here and there, because I thought I might be feeling something weird in my nips. But, for the most part, I'm not using nolva. It all depends upon the juice and the person's response to it. I certainly have the nolva around, and will eat it like popcorn if some breasts start a brewin'.

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