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    Help w/ cycle organizing

    I've got a buddy that just got ahold of some gear and really doesn't know how to run it. I have a little knowledge, but I didn't want to tell him the wrong thing, and fuck him up. He doesn't have a computer and I told him I would find out for him. He's about 24, 6', and 185lbs. He ran a cycle of Cypionate when he was 19, but that's it.

    The list:
    30ml - 100mg Suspension
    10ml - 200mg Deca
    10ml - 25mg Dbol

    I don't know how accurate his quantities are cuz he was telling me off the top of his head and he might be confused. Either way he just needs some advice on the order of running it or whether he should run it together at all. He doesn't have any anti-e and I already highly advised him on trying to find some. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    He doesn't really have enough to do a complete cycle with.


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