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    eq cycle please help

    hey guys, this is going to be my first cycle and was wondering what kind of gains i could expierience with 20ml of 200mg equipoise . please let me know how to take it and if i should frontload or not. thanks

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    u should realy stack it with something for realy good resaults,but if your takeing it by it self u should frontload for the two first weeks or so.since its your first do 600 then drop down to 400 .split up the injections into two to keep the esters in the blood stable.

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    hi pantera....

    first you need 600mg/ week
    12 wks x 600mg = 36ml (at 200mg/ml)

    you need to add some kind of test to the mix and a nice dose of dbol wouldn't hurt either....

    what else can you get ??

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    so i should see pretty good results by frontloading with 600 for the first two weeks and then running 400 for 8 weeks. i would think i would see good results since this is my first cycle and plus i have a great diet and workout regimen.

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