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    im 21 and have decided to start using AS. I play football and need to increase my size and speed. i have done a lot of research mostly readin the message board and the steriod profiles and i feel primo is the best thing for e. I was wondering if you people feel the same or have othe suggestios

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    I'm in the same situation; I'm planning my first cucle and as I don't want to achive a lot of mass but just a bit and instead I want to become ripped and i want to use only "safe" roid (no oral 17alfa), I think that my best solution can be primo. What do you think? I'm planning something like this:
    1-7w primo 100
    8-10 master on (actually I'm not sure about this or go on ultil w 10 with primo)
    I kwon is a light one but I think that it can be enough.
    Do I have to add 10 days of clo mid 50 at the end?

    I'm 5,93 feet
    166 pound
    about 15% BF

    Besides I can have some primo Schering from Spain. But what I wonder if it is still produced in Spain: I've heard that now is only made in Turkey.

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    What division NCAA football do you play for? I want to start playing but I'm not too sure about drug testing in Division III. And I never did dig the idea of a coach telling me what my weight training program would consist of.

    But if I was you I'd start with test for a first cycle. Primo is a tricky situation, pretty expensive also. You'll really have to decide whether you want to gain speed or size, really can't fully obtain both. If you can get your hands on some LEGIT primo (pretty hard to find) and can afford it, then my thoughts might change.

    Maybe a test/winny combo of some kind.

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