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Thread: piss test

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    piss test

    i am getting on a cycle in about 2 weeks but i feel like if i get on it im going to get caught. im at college right now and if i do get looked at what can i do to pervent getting caught and piss tested. im going to be taking test prop wiht winny at the end. i know it only takes 14 days to get out of the system so i want to know if i could stall them for 14 days or if there some sort of law that says there has to be evidence in oder to have me take a piss test. i am currenly not in any sports or on any sports teams.

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    there's actually a good article on www.******.com about a college athlete that juices and beat some tests...has some info that might be useful. if you're not on a team then why do you think you're gonna be you plan on going out for something?

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    If your not participating in any collegiate atheletics....why worry?

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