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    Preparing Next Cycle

    alright here is the scenerio.
    I'm ordering bulk with a couple of friends to get a discount and need to place my order this week for my June 04 cycle.
    I am in the middle of a 500mg test Enth. 1-12 cycle. (will post pics soon)
    This is my second cycle. June 04 will be my 3rd.
    I am 5'10, 200lbs now at 12-13% bf,
    (but will be around 210-215 after current cycle is over)

    i was thinking of doing a test prop/fina cycle.
    150mg prop eod 1-10
    100mg fina eod

    i might also get some EQ. thinking of 150 mg eod

    i have t3 and want to use it. how should i throw that in there?

    any other suggestions?

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    I would up your tren to 150mg EOD as well.

    On the T3, go for a 63 day run
    3 day ramp up
    27 day constant
    33 day ramp down

    Make sure the T3 is completely tapered out at least 2wks before you go to PCT. You don't want to be recovering thyroid and HPTA at the same time.

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