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    break before cycle

    Would it be a good idea to take a week off from lifting before i start my cycle to help get better gains, because i have lifted pretty hard for a long time now and taking a week off is supposed to help you get off plateaus?! Thanks guys!!

    Deca -300mg/week Week 1-10
    Liquid Dbol 20mg/ed Week 1-4
    aratest 250mg/week Week 1-10
    Nolvadex 10mg/ed Week 1-10
    Taraxatone (for water retention)

    Day 1-300mg
    2-11 100mg
    12-21 50mg

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    i dont think so bro, jump on your cycle and get going.

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    I would vote for taking a break. Give yourself a chance to physically and mentally recuperate and prepare yourself for the upcoming 10-12 weeks.

    Nothing wrong with taking breaks every once in a while. Strategic deconditioning, you know. Primes the muscle for growth and all that.

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    taking a break is good every once in a while...i personally wouldnt do it in the weeks coming up to a cycle, in one, or within a few weeks of doing one......
    good luck bro....

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