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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    my bro is getting ready to do the following cycle...

    1-10 500mgs sust
    1-4 30mgs var/day
    5-10 50mgs winny tabs eod/ed?

    he wants to now whether or not to do the winny tabs everyday and when to start his pct since the sust has the esters that release at different times. oh and if you guys have any suggestions on better organizing this cycle it very much welcome. thx.

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    hey bro, heres what id do

    500mg test cyp (1-12)
    400mg eq (1-12)
    40mg var ed (9-15)
    test prop 100mg eod (11-15)

    dont use sust use a single ester, dont run the winny if your running the var at the end, var wo8uld be a better choice for the end of your cycle...

    if you do run winny at the end put it from weeks (10-15) at 50mg ed....good luck on your cycle bro...MM

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