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Thread: cutting cycle

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    cutting cycle

    Hi i wnana do a cyuuttin gcycle have a few ideas to waht imght wnana do. My gains i am looking for is from whatveer cycle out of the ones i post which yu think will give me the most fat loss and increase in speed as in running.

    Winstrol inject 50mg ed 8 weeks clenbuterol 2 on 2 off thorughout

    eq 300mg 12 weeks clenbuterol 2 on 2 off throughtout

    eq 300mg 12 weeks oral winstrol 50 mg a day last 4 weeks.

    all wil have correct pct clomid therpay starrtng at 300 mg day 1 then 100 2-11 and 50 til day 21

    Please help remmber i am looking for fat loss and spped not so much size but side effects are BIG concern so i know test is the base of every cycle but id like to pass up on that thanks for your help

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    You don't need to know
    A cutting cycle becomes a cutting cycle the minute your diet is clean and carbs are lowered. Gear has next to nothing to do with it. I mean even the water you retain from even deca , test etc. , is gone after your cycle is finished. But if your conditioning for competition you stay away from water retaining gear.

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    Yuea ive already been doing that diet for a little a few months now. I have reached my short term goals that i made to get to this point so as of now im looking for which of these cycles is the best choice im leaning towards eq clen

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    wanna get cut, diet for it.
    wanna get speed, train for it.


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