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    HCG - (when to use it)?

    I have read quite a few theories on the use of HCG , and I am still not convinced what is best. I will be most likely using 900mg of adrogens a week (500 Test Enth., and 400mg EQ, for 10 weeks). I know that my HPTA will shout down so I believe that the use of HCG is madatory (some claim to leave it alone until future hardcore stacks). Now, should I run HCG during week 6 for three doses of 1500 i.u every 5 days for a total of 4500 i.u OR, should I use it every weekend on Sat and Sun, at say 500 i.u each day for a total weekly dose of 1000 i.u.

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    Until recently I would have said that you probably wouldn't need HCG with that cycle, and just run Clomid for PCT. However, after very recently researching the topic, I'd say it wouldn't hurt to run the HCG at week 6 or 7 for 5 days at 500iu's/day (btw, I see no reason to run HCG at more than 1000iu's daily), therefore a total of 2500iu's. Again, this is just my opinion based upon research that I have not yet completed.

    Please get more opinions from the educated Veterans of this board, as they may have other interpretations.

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