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    Clen and winnie????

    I would like to take a cycle of clen and winnie? is this a good cycle? i would like to take them together..could some one please tell me how i would take these and for how much hi ishouold take..i dont want to take it longer then n30 days..please help thanks

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    Bad cycle bro. Two orals together is a real bad idea. If you are looking to cut drop the winny use clen , 2on 2off, eca in between and do cardio. if you are looking ofr gains run the winny with another compound (test) and just run the winny for 4-6 weeks at the end of the cycle to harden you up.SG1

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    i disagree. winny and clen is good for dieting. winny will prevent most muscle loss and clen will act as a stimulant and helps to burn fat. if u wanna add mass, then i would use something else. but winny with clen is ok ! u dont really need winny. but if u wantto harden up a bit go ahead.

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    I have used winny, clen and t3 for 8 weeks just to lean out. It worked fine. i didn't lose my sex drive and had good results from it. I used the clen 2 days on, 2 days off. I ran the t3 at 50mcg/day and the winny at 50mg/day....

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