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    Question Clenbuterol post cycle or during cycle.

    I am unsure whether to clenbuterol during my cycle to burn fat or after.
    I have read on steroid dot com that it can help increase blood flow and allow more protein in the muscle so that it will be a benefit to take during a test cycle. I have never heard this before.

    I was also wondering if I can take clenbuterol during post cycle recovery, or if it may interfere with the hcg and nolvadex . perhaps I should wait 12 weeks for my test production and other body functions to get back to normal bfore startng clenbuterol.

    Oh . almost forgot, should I take it every day or every other day for 4 - 6 weeks ?
    Any advice welcome

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    everyday 2 weeks on clen 2 weeks using another fat burner, an eca stack. Ive used clen during pct but not to burn fat. It is not a good idea to try to burn fat during pct because you should increase you calories to help with keeping gains. Clen is benificial during pct because it allows you to increase your calories without putting on too much extra body fat.

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    Post because it's anti-catabolic. Helps you retain a lot of muscle while keeping calories high and while your body crashes because of the hormonal imbalance.

    For some, it's very anabolic . I actually grow while I'm on Clen .

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