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    Prop Winnie Cycle???

    Is this a good idea..only want to take it for about 4 weeks...will i gain alot of weight? dont want to much wait just good lean muscle? is this for me..thanks for your help

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    no. winny needs more time. if u wanna gain lean weight go for 8 weeks. and recover using clomid. you will gain lots of weight if u eat lots of food. u wont gain if u dont eat. oersonally if u want some lean weight i would investigate tren .

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    It's a good cycle but run it for 8 weeks....

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    I would go with a long acting ester like cyp or enan... and stack it with EQ......... Eat big and clean you can pack on a lots of quality muscle.

    Winny IMO is a waste if wanting to put mass on............ it's only usefull if your bf is low and you want to harden up for a show

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    i agree with gundam, i've always heard great things about tren /prop.

    look at kendahl's response

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