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    25mg winstrol tabs

    My friend is trying to sell me what he says are really good 25mg winstrol tabs. They are small and blue with no writing or lines on them. There are 60 pills. Are these normal characteristics for 25mg winstrol?? Please help

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    lol normal characteristics.. hehe there is no such thing as normal characteristics in the world of underground steroids . i dont know about that winny. but here in canada we get winny from PVL in 25 mg caps as well. and it is legit. but i dont know about ur brand. i just mean to say there are many diff forms of steroids in UG world. like i have seen 25 mg d-bol tabs. that are real as hell !

    post a pic if u can get 1 tab and we'll see.

    oh why do u want to use winny ? what do u plan to do ? maybe we can help ?

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