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Thread: How bad is it??

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    How bad is it??

    hi guys

    Im just wondering if someone with experience could tell me how bad it is when using Clomid as far as depression and things like that go?

    Is it something where you are depressed for like the first week and then you get over it cos your system is used to it? or will i be crying like a baby for the full 25 days or whatever it is?

    Also would using HCG in conjunction with Clomid counteract the depression? I thought this might work cos HCG keeps your Test levels up while your balls work on producing test.


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    i had no problem...people react differently...i was just as normal as i was on cycle and before

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    bigdave91 is offline Associate Member
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    Sep 2003
    What would the perfect PCT look like?
    and Clen ?

    How would you run that??

    Im on a sust 500mg/week for 10 weeks and winny tabs week 8-13


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    You shouldn't have a need for HCG after this cycle. The regular clomid PCT, 300/100/50 should be fine. As far as a "perfect" PCT, that will vary from person to person, as well as the steroids used and for how long. Only way to know for sure what will work the best for you is to try it.

    For the clomid depression, it's not as bad as mopst make it out to be. Again, it will also depend on what compounds you are using in your cycle. It is caused by the fluctuaion of the hormones in your body, very similar to PMS in females. You test levels are dropping, and your estrgoen levels are increasing, causing a bitchy feeling for most. I wouldn't say you feel like a million bucks, but it's not a real depression. Realize why you feel this way, push through it, and you'll be fine.


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    I'm in the middle of my PCT with clomid right now, and I don't feel any different at all. It doesn't affect everyone. Don't go in expecting to become depressed or you may have a self-fullfilling prophecy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motoxxxguy
    Realize why you feel this way, push through it, and you'll be fine.
    What moto said!!

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    i felt slightly depress in the early days of my clomid all got back to normal a week after the end of therapy.

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    Clomid normally wouldnt cause depression. If anything it may help keep you from depression. If in fact you are feeling real depressed, do yourself a favor and either go online or to many health stores which would have this and pick up some 5HTP. This increases your libido kinda like releasing andorphansd and will make you feel better within days. Begin at 2 caps/ed for the first week and then you should be able to drop it down to 1 cap/day. It really works. Good luck. PEACE! ROCK

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