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    Post Cycle Alternatives

    Whatup Bros. I was reading a Muscular Development article by Palumbo, and it seemed like he was advocating using prohormones after a cycle to ease off of the gear and to allow your endogenous production to come back. I have never heard of this, and I am wondering if anyone has tried it or what the general consensus was. Would an over the counter prohormone suppress my already lowered natural test levels, or would i be able to gradually recover my endogenous production while using a prohormone to maintain gains and help to come off the gear? I am confused about this, and perhaps this is a dumb idea, so feel free to trash it, just let me know what you guys think about it. The article was in the last M&D in the bodybuilding without genetics section.

    Thanks for all the help bros....happy lifting.


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    Well first off...PH can cost as much as actual gear, so that seems bassackwards.
    Secondly, if PH are supposed to give the same effects as AAS(positive as well as negative), then isnt it like trying to use AAS to come off of AAS? Go with works for sure, and its sooo much cheaper than PH.



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    The one time I tried pro hormones they shut me down worse than when I used deca . I don't see how using them post cycle would have any benefit whatsoever.

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    Not a good idea, IMO. PH's will shut you down so you will continue to stay shut down if you go right into the PH's after a cycle. I have no idea why he would say that. It makes no sense. Just do clomid and nolva or arimidex post cycle. If you are shut down hard do hcg b4 you start clomid/nolva.

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