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    NEw YoRK..Bx

    important..need help

    i am 20 years old..and i have been workin out for 4 years vert hard...i fukt wit juice once in my life with alittle sustanon and dbols...when i was 17.........i just bought a cycle....

    wks 1-5 test enanthate 500mg a week
    wks 1-12 eq 600mg a week
    wks 6-12 test prop 150mg eod
    wks 6-12 50mg winny ed
    arimidex nolvadex eod
    i weight 208 right now 8% bf.... and i really wanna do this after chirstmas....and run in for 3 months..tehn do the clomid therapy...the only thing is my fridns are really gay..and their telling me how im gonna die if i take all this **** i need your help about what to do...cuz they odnt understand how i feel about the sport..and hwo i wanna look.....but if you guys think my body is gonna get too damged even though ill be takin liver aid..and detox tea..and eating real strict diet.....if you had this gear right in front of you with th epins....what would you do...cuz im not sure...and i might just end up selling it...please give me your feedback..WHAT IS TOO MUCH...

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    Bro your cycle is very conservative dosagewise. Its not very well planned but i dont see it effecting your health one bit IMHO. Heres a little better plan for ya....

    wks 1-4 prop 150mg/eod
    wks 1-12 test enan 500mg/wk
    wks 1-11 eq 600mg/wk

    IMO youdont need the winny so id drop it. Have fun!

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    Is that all the gear you or can you get more. I would run.
    1-12 test 500
    1-12 eq 400

    You really don't need more then that since it will be your first real cycle.

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