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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    im a 6'5 300 pound o line men for a college and im a redshirt i want to take something to bulk me up and put on some strength whats yalls advice how to cycle were to get and what types. i also need to get it out of me really quick so how do i do that? or what types will get out fast?

    My freind is 5'11 and 189 he is 9% body fat he wants to get ripped and put on 15 pounds of quality muscle what should he do?

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    do research and find out. dont expect to come in here and half - a s s it and get a cycle out of us. click the search button and go to work.

    and why would ur friend wanna get ripped if he is already 9% bf ?

    do some research and gain some knowledge rather than have a bunch of strangers hand u down something outta the blue!

    regards !

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    at 6'5", 300lbs, you got some pretty good bulk already! Read some of the steroid profiles on this site's homepage, figure out which one's you might be interested in, then research them a little. When you think you found something that would work for you, post it, and we'll help you from there. Gundam said it already, but I thought I would reiterate it for effect.


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